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Ola & BeFit

Ola everyone!

I hope that you are enjoying my new website, and for those who have purchased the BeFit resistance bands, I hope you are loving your new exercise accessory! :)

Im here to share with you a little bit about my health & lifestyle, as I get often asked "How do I keep fit after having babies..."

I have always loved food as well as exercising. I come from a family of very active people and learned from a young age how to be active but also learned how to love and enjoy food . With a big family in Brasil, we make any excuse to celebrate with a big feast!

When it comes to exercising, I'm always looking for new gadgets and classes to keep me motivated and prevent me from getting bored. About two years ago, I came across resistance bands and I totally fell in love with the way it intensifies the workout. I felt that they really made a significant difference. The first week I struggled a bit but I soon got used to it and then really enjoyed it.

I often go though phases that where I'm super into exercising, and then a phase where I make excuses not to work out - I'm sure like most people. But I always try to keep a healthy balance between food and exercise.

I have never been a big believer in dieting and I think "moderation" is the key to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle. I don't think that too much exercise or too much dieting is good for your body or mind! But of course, if you are overweight and want to get to your "ideal weight", there are some sacrifices to be made until you get to your goal and can live with moderation.

I follow a simple routine of exercising at least 4 times a week and try to eat healthy as much as possible. When we eat out at a restaurant, I choose to eat and drink whatever I want with moderation.

Another thing to remember is that the power of our mind is so powerful when it comes to our wellbeing. It can be a challenge to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen when you already have a busy work life and parenting to consider, so we need to set a target to focus on what we want to achieve. Cold dark mornings and evenings in winter can be really hard to stay motivated, but if we change our mindset to make the effort we can overcome it. I can almost guarantee you that after one week of making the effort, you will feel amazing and won't be able to let go.

Some great motivation to get fit, besides setting goals, is to invest in some new gym clothes or even a new pair or sneakers. I find that South Africa doesn't have a great selection of affordable, good quality active wear. Cotton On quality is very disappointing, and Lorna Jane is super expensive - but they do have some great sales. So if you know of any nice gym clothing brands that are worth investing in, please let me know!

The next topic I am looking forward to sharing with you on my blog is about the right supplements and multi vitamins. Our gut is our second brain, therefore we need to work on keeping it healthy and taking the right support to keep it functioning properly.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about health, or suggestions on what I should post about on my blog, please write to me!

Until next time :-)


BeFit in collaboration with Ola Juliana !

How to fit your bands :)

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